The Original Rhinestone Name Pins, Chapter and Word / Title pins, and Exclusive Rhinestone Jewelry Designs
Thanks for your interest in Diamond Diva Designs. How this all started!!
I have always loved beautiful jewelry, and as a child remember playing dress up with my mothers Rhinestone jewelry during the 1950s. I loved collecting the stones that might have fallen out of a piece, in little containers, and pretending they were secret treasure. As I got older I loved receiving nice pieces of jewelry from my husband, and I have always been a avid window shopper. I have an impossible time passing a jewelry store without stopping to look at all the beautiful things. A few years ago I discovered the world of internet shopping, and especially Ebay. I became an avid "window" shopper and found I could have all those gorgeous items right on my computer screen (and sometimes in my mailbox). I had joined the Red Hat Society about the same time, and found my new "sisters" to have the same passion for Bling as I did. Unfortunately most everyone is on a budget, and can't afford the real thing, so I started off buying a small quantity of jewelry from wholesalers, then offered it to Red Hat groups around my area. I went to a number of Red Hat gatherings in my area. I would set up a little display and the ladies went wild. They loved the items I had picked out. It grew quickly since the more they raved the more I wanted to supply them with these beautiful fun items, Of course it meant more shopping!!!! So what more could you ask for?..... I had wanted to do an Online store for years but didn't really have any idea of what I could sell that was of interest to lots of people and that I really loved too.
Well in the fall of 2005 I decided I'd try my luck with Ebay and see if I could actually start my own business. Just something to keep me busy in retirement, something I could do between my Red Hat events, and traveling with my husband and his new motorcycle business. After 5 months of Ebay experience, and venturing out to Red Hat conventions and selling there, I decided it was time to have an actual online store of my own. I now have a manufacturer that I work with directly to be able to design and make items you won't find anywhere else, and at affordable prices. I am also blessed that they are able to do all of the title and word pins that the red hat ladies need, so carry every pin you would possibly want and then some. I add more all the time and do take suggestions on new words. They also are able to produce CUSTOM RHINESTONE WORD pins for me and we make hundreds of those every month. With all of that I hired my friend who was also newly retired, to travel with me and help me daily to keep things organized and running as smoothly as 2 "red hat ladies" can possibly be. We now travel to many Red Hat Events and are one of the Hat District vendors at the Regional and International Red Hat Conventions.
Since the start of my business, my husband passed suddenly in Dec of 2009. I am so thankful that I had found Red Hat Society and thus started this business. It has keep me focused and busy when I went through the hardest first year of widowhood. It has also brought me a nation of "sister friends" who helped me get through this, with their wisdom, experience and friendship. We have laughed and cried together, and I am truly blessed to RHS for changing my life, and being there in a way that I would never have imagined when I started selling BLING!
I hope you like the items I have selected to stock, and come back often to visit. I add new treasures all the time, so my items will change or be added to frequently. Enjoy playing Dress UP!
GENERAL POLICY'S - IN A NUTSHELL ( For complete details please visit our website and check in the Customer Service Link on the bottom of each page ).
Shipment will be made within 48 hours of payment, Monday through Thursday. We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Items ordered over the weekend will be shipped out on Mondays (unless its a holiday). Due to our travels to Red Hat Conventions, sometimes this rule has to be broken. If you are in need of something stock right away, call us to make sure we will be able to get it out within that 48 hour time frame.
OUT OF STOCK: Occasionally an item may be out of stock. If that is the case, we will ship in stock items ordered and include a note telling you of the out of stock item. You will be issued a refund via credit card for the item we out of stock.
DISCONTINUED ITEMS: Occasionally an item may be discontinued and not available. We try hard to keep our website updated to reflect these changes, but sometimes it is out of our control. If an item is no longer available, we will issue a refund for that item.
We recommend to ship UPS. Standard shipping is Ground.
You can choose to upgrade to 3 day or 2 day however your item(s) are being shipped from GA so unless you are on the west coast there is no sense s 30 pending extra unless you want them over-nighted.
Postal shipping is now available. Please be aware there is NO insurance on these shipments. Their minimal Postal tracking will be on the package, HOWEVER IF A PACKAGE IS LOST OR DAMAGED, IT WILL BE THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY FOR CLAIMS OR LOSS. DIAMOND DIVA DESIGNS, DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE FOR PACKAGES SHIPPED THROUGH THE POST OFFICE and the post office only deals with the receiver of the item, not the sender.
UPS: We offer discounted UPS rates with us paying part of your shipping cost. For orders $60 or greater we offer FREE shipping.Items insured for the valued amount. Delivery time is 3 - 6 days depending on your location. UPS items are tracked along the delivery route. We do not normally provide a tracking number. We receive the tracking number the day after we ship. If you are in need of the number to follow your package, email us and provide your name and invoice number and we will email the number to you as soon as it is available to us. If you have a Post Office Box address UPS will not deliver to you. Please provide an actual street address where your package can be delivered. If you do not provide such an address, and we only have the PO Box, then the order will be shipped Priority Mail, HOWEVER, there is no insurance or tracking number to find this item. YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS SHIPMENT.
RETURNS: Returns are accepted within 7 days of purchase. Customers must send an E-mail about the return of the item(s) within 1 day of receiving the item. Items must be in the original condition, not worn or altered. We will issue a refund via Visa or MasterCard, Discover or American Express or we credit the amount towards an exchange on another item.
Refunds of Shipping and Insurance costs:
If the item you are returning, is for exchange due to
our error we will pay shipping costs. For other returns, shipping is not refunded or return postage not paid. Your refund will be made when your returned items are received. You will receive refunds via credit card.
Warranty: 30 Day Guarantee Policy: We examine all the merchandise for quality, and we do a visual on the Custom Word Pins, but due to packaging do not check the clasp. We try our best to provide quality products to our customers. All our merchandise is guaranteed for a 30-day period.
Items Shipped:
Notify us immediately of damaged, missing or incorrect merchandise as soon as you receive it. Diamond Diva Designs will ship MISSING OR INCORRECT items to you immediately. DAMAGED ITEMS: If you suspect that an item is damaged in shipment, DO NOT discard shipping materials and all packaging. Contact us immediately at (706)346-1688 or email us at info@diamonddivadesign.com
and we will file a claim with UPS. They may need to contact you to examine the item and the packing materials. As soon as they approve the claim, usually within a week, we will ship a replacement to you. (CUSTOM PINS NOT INCLUDED). If a replacement can not be shipped due to being a one of a kind, we let you know when you email us about the damage and when you send it back we might be able to do a repair to it. If not you will either be refunded the full amount including your shipping charges or you may select another item(s). If there is a difference in the value you will either be credited or charged depending on the case. If DAMAGE does not appear to be due to shipping,
you may carefully repackage the damaged item, and send it back to us. We cannot replace the item until we receive the damaged item back. All damaged items ( not damaged in shipment ) must be returned within 10 days of notice of breakage. Shipping address for returning damaged items:
CUSTOM PINS: We guarantee our custom pins for 30 days from date of shipping. If there is a defect in a custom pin it will show up immediately. We will replace any item that is incorrect due to our error until it is correct. Errors in spelling are the responsibility of the customer. Make sure when you enter the wording in the provided space, that the spelling is correct. If it is not, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to make the correction. We do not guarantee after 30 days due to user wear and treatment of the item. We suggest you read the Care info page and be aware the custom pins are made well, however they are not made of solid gold or sterling silver and therefore are more fragile than "real" jewelry. Be careful in handling the pins and not squeezing letters to hard, or getting them snagged on clothing. IF THE CLASP IS LOOSE AND DOES NOT STAY CLOSED, SQUEEZE THE SIDES OF THE ROTATING PORTION TOGETHER TO PUT MORE PRESSURE ON THE INTERIOR ROTATING PIECE. THIS WILL MAKE THE PIECE HAVE LESS MOVEMENT AND WILL STAY CLOSED BETTER. USE TWEEZERS OR NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS.


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